OPUS Issue 62


Art Director


Graphic design, publication

As Art Director, I was tasked with coming up with a visual theme for the annual literary journal published at Herricks High School. Issue 62 was given the highest honor of First Class Distinction in the National Council of Teachers of English's Recognizing Excellence in Art and Literary Magazines program. 

Issue 62 was the final journal that I would be a part of in high school, however, due to the pandemic, the final few days of assembling the journal was done online, so we quickly adapted the way we went about it. As a result, we also thought it would be appropriate to center the theme around the pandemic. Working with the Editors-in-Chief, I managed to come up with various potential front and back covers, edited from students' submissions. 

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The final piece we chose was a landscape painting by a student that featured the night sky. As this was the last time many of us would be part of the journal, we thought this piece was able to perfectly capture the end of a moment. The final journal can be found here.

Below, are the final covers of Issue 62.

opus 62 mockup.png